Local Research & Intelligence

Research, analytics, and actionable intelligence for winning public affairs campaigns.

Stay ahead of local action

GP local, also called TownIntel, offers you the most complete municipal coverage in the world.

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Get daily insights

If you face threats at the city and county level, GP local gives daily insight into the legislative proposals, citizen testimony, and municipal tendencies of thousands of cities with as few as 1,000 residents.

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Daily reports on council agendas

Clients are delivered daily reports on city council agendas and minutes that impact their business across the entire United States — before they are in the news.

GovPredict even covers scanned images of PDFs that Google doesn’t index.

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Here are some ways that Research & Intelligence saves you time.

Get 3-6 weeks lead time on local legislative proposals

GP local will catch key phrases that are brought up in town council meetings that presage legislative initiatives many weeks in the future.

Identify problem cities

Historical and real-time data will identify pockets of cities in geographic proximity that are promoting initiatives that need to be stopped.

Discover local champions

Find small and large cities and council members most hospitable to introducing your legislative and regulatory initiatives

GovPredict Client Lobbyist at Fortune 200 company

This year’s tracking has been excellent...these updates have been accurate across the board. Having the links provided as well that take me directly to the quote, article, or Board Agenda, has saved me a good bit of time. Further, some of the places that they have found mentions to tax have been buried, deep, on County websites. I’m amazed they were found. One link they sent me had a link to a Board Agenda that is in a PDF form. Somewhere around Page 160 in that doc there was a one sentence mention of the tax being increased. Incredible these guys were able to find this. This has been a great service to have this year.

In just about each case, we’ve been given greater lead time ahead of Board/Council action which has allowed us to reach out to and mobilize opposition. Instead of scrambling last minute with only a day or two to activate [community members], we’ve had in some cases 3-4 even 6 full weeks ahead of official action for outreach. This has ultimately increased the workload – which is great. We’re not only being alerted to more (if not ALL) cities and towns with tax proposals, but we’re also being alerted with greater time to react. The more lead time we have, obviously the better our chances to win.

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