Announcing TownIntel, Miami PAC Conference + More from GovPredict

It’s already been a fast-paced 2019, and we have some important updates we want to share with you now. Here’s what today’s newsletter includes: Announcing: TownIntel Local Intelligence Featured in Press: National Media Stories including GP Political Contribution Research Attending Public Affairs Council 2019 National PAC Conference in Miami Announcing: TownIntel Local Intelligence The GovPredict Team is excited Read More »


2019 Public Affairs Council National PAC Conference in Miami – What’d You Miss?

If you’re a public affairs or government relations professional, and were not among the lucky ones to attend this year’s Public Affairs Council National PAC Conference in Miami a few days ago, don’t feel too bad. We’ve got you covered! Sure – you missed out on the fantastic sunny and warm Miami weather, an amazing Read More »


Boosting Campaign Coffers with Coffee Cash – Crunching Starbucks Political Contributions

We’re back with GovPredict’s fifth installment of political contribution analysis of some of America’s best-known brands and major corporations. This time, with the recent announcement of his 2020 Independent exploratory campaign for president, we break down the political contributions of Howard Schultz‘s coffee kingdom, Starbucks. So grab a cup of your favorite Joe and take Read More »


Heading to Miami for the 2019 National PAC Conference? Confab to Aid Industry Trends, PAC Growth, Compliance & Networking

While the vast majority of the country continues to be bombarded with snow, ice, and frigid temperatures, the country’s most successful public affairs professionals and influencers have descended on the near-tropic weather and warmth of the sandy beaches of Miami for the annual National Public Affairs Council (PAC) Conference. If you’re reading this, you’re likely Read More »


Announcing TownIntel from GovPredict – Local Research and Tracking Tool

GovPredict, the next-generation political data tracking and research firm, announced it has launched TownIntel, a local research and intelligence product that provides customers the broadest and most detailed coverage of municipal policy and legislative activity on the market. Simply put, TownIntel is the most in-depth and detailed legislative and policy tracking tool available for government affairs professionals, monitoring Read More »


Announcing Hill Day App

It’s no secret that running a successful Hill day is hard work. It involves setting up many meetings, fielding questions from attendees, communicating a clear message, and tracking down that one attendee who got lost in the other end of Rayburn. These are not trivial tasks! You’ve planned for months or even a year in Read More »


Potty Mouthed Politicians

After a long and contentious campaign season, the final 2018 midterm ballots have *mostly* been tallied, the political landscape altered, and “the experts” are already prognosticating about what the next months will bring. The pundits and know-it-alls intensely watch a handful of races to be finalized, and the cable TV news shows are still wall-to-wall Read More »


Political Contributions by Facebook Employees

This marks the fourth in GovPredict’s analysis of the giving patterns of employees of major American corporations. After the interest shown in our first three pieces, all of which looked at major tech companies (Alphabet, Amazon, and Apple, respectively), we continue with our analysis of tech companies, and focus today on Facebook. We first identified Read More »


Contributions by Apple Employees

This marks the third in GovPredict’s analysis of the giving patterns of employees of major American corporations. After the interest shown in our first two pieces, both of which looked at major tech companies (Alphabet and Amazon, respectively), we have decided to continue analyzing tech companies, and today we study Apple. Our process resembled the Read More »


Contributions by Amazon Employees

This is the second post in our series examining political contributions by employees of major American corporations. Two weeks ago, we looked at the federal contributions made by employees of Alphabet and its subsidiaries. This time, we examine the political contributions made by employees of Amazon. In this extensive analysis, we look at contributions not Read More »