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Bill Comparisons and Document Trove: Everything in one place

Save hours with our line by line bill comparisons, including comps for appropriations and amendments. Find CRS reports, committee reports, CBO estimates, and a fully searchable Congressional Record at your fingertips.

Lobby Corner: The latest activity in the world of lobbyists

Never use the LDA database again, and let us keep track of disclosures for you. Create personalized email alerts for brand new registrations and fresh terminations. Discover coalitions lobbying on a specific bill or issue area, and clients ramping up their lobbying activity. Share research across your firm on a single platform.

Moneyball: Data-driven, field tested, actionable insights

With big data and powerful algorithms, we predict the likeliest donors to a campaign — you can suggest them to your candidate. We predict the likeliest cosponsors for legislation — you can convince them before your competitors do. Discover unlikely voting and cosponsorship alliances.

Rolodex: Your personalized congressional-staffer directory

Constantly refreshing staffer contact information for DC and home offices. Want to send an email to all health LAs in the Senate? That takes one click. No limits on downloads or simultaneous logins.

Featured Team Members

Dr. Emil Pitkin, PhD

Founder and CEO

Emil earned his BA in Mathematics from Harvard, PhD in Statistics from Wharton, where he is now a faculty member of the Statistics Department.

Petru Hincu

Lead Developer

An expert full-stack developer with a specialization in Ruby, Petru has never met a technical problem he couldn’t solve.

Raghav Joshi

Featured Intern

Raghav is a third-year student at the University of Pennsylvania, pursuing both Computer Science and Philosophy & Science. He is a master of visualizations.

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