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Legislative Monitoring: State

All 50 state legislatures, monitored in real time.

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Cosponsor Oracle

Hub for legislative prediction and analysis.

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Bill Text Comparisons

Automatic redline for different bill versions.

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Donation search engine and analytics.

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What Customers Say

Richard Pombo

Partner, Gavel Resources; Congressman from CA, 1993-2007

"I wish GovPredict existed when I served in Congress. Now, off the Hill, it’s a part of my daily routine. There are Hondas and there are Porsches: this is a Ferrari."

Howard Marlowe

Former Head, American League of Lobbyists

"GovPredict stands head and shoulders above any technology available to lobbyists. I can do in an hour what used to be a day's work. And when I ask for something new, the incredible technical team goes and builds it. That's why GovPredict is taking Washington by storm"

Robert Royer

Partner, McPherson Group

"I am writing to endorse GovPredict. I have used GovPredict now for about a year and found that over time it has become my "go to" site for all things governmental. To use the site I find it intuitive and easy to use. I especially find the Co-Sponsor Oracle amazing in assisting in locating potential co-sponsors. There is nothing like it!!"

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