Federal Research & Intelligence

Research, analytics, and actionable intelligence for winning public affairs campaigns.

Track everything and stay informed

Besides tracking legislation, you have access to timely and relevant intelligence including:


Live hearing transcripts


Dear Colleague Letters

CRS Reports

Over 30,000 CRS reports


Congressional staff directory

LD-2 Reports

Searchable LD-2 reports

Social Media

Tweets and Facebook posts by elected officials


Think tank research

Press Releases

Press releases from every member of Congress

District Breakdowns

District by district data

Voting Records

Side-by-side voting records


Predictions of likely cosponsors


Committee votes


Statements of Administration Policy, committee reports, floor speeches

Rules Updates

Updates on rules, and proposed rules across all federal agencies

RFP Notifications

Notifications of RFPs and grants out for bid

Use cases

Here are some ways that Research & Intelligence saves you time.

Use Cases illustration
Find a specific set of public statements

If you need to find all public statements on NAFTA by Congressmen in border states, that’s a click away.

Find everyone lobbying for a certain issue

If you need to find everybody lobbying on school choice, that’s a click away.

Search for cosponsors

We automatically find Members most likely to cosponsor your legislation (this is a tool that many Congressional offices use).

Download committee hearing calendars

If you need to download a committee hearing calendar for 3 specific committees, that’s a click away.

Find tax staffers from specific committees

If you need to find all tax staffers working for Republican Ways and Means members, that’s a click away.

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