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When you’re hosting fly-ins, you’re responsible for dozens or hundreds of people who have never set foot inside Congress.

It’s important to keep them on schedule. Which is why GovPredict has developed the only app with walking directions between hill offices.

If they need to figure how to get around Rayburn, they just enter where they’re going, the app, like Google Maps, will take them corridor by corridor, turn by turn, until they’re standing in the office with their Member.

If they need to go from Russell to Hart, the app will take them on the shortest path, right through the basement.

During the fly-in, it’s important for your members to know where their elected representative stands on the issues. All you have to do is choose your organization’s key bills and votes, and select your position. GovPredict will automatically generate a scorecard (branded with your logo) for every elected official that your members can reference during their meetings.

And as your members take notes on the meeting, in the app, that intelligence is relayed back to your organization, so that you have a complete and updated record of every conversation that members of your organization have had in Congress.

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Walking Directions between Hill Offices

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Personalized Scorecards

For every member, for any bill or vote, and fully customized.

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