Cosponsor Oracle

This is what one House Chief of Staff told us: "when GovPredict’s Cosponsor Oracle tells me I have to ask a Member to cosponsor our bill, I don’t ask questions. It’s helped us bring on dozens of new cosponsors this Congress, including some strange bedfellows I never would have thought to ask." You can understand why he declined to be named.

GovPredict's proprietary technology reviews legislators' past cosponsorship history, analyzes the network of who they work with -- and, significantly, who stays off a bill when they decline to cosponsor, and makes uncannily accurate suggestions.

If you’re planning on introducing a bill or drafting the text of an amendment, the Cosponsor Oracle will suggest who to turn to. The analytics are based on thousands of data points, and have suggested, with great success, which legislators are most likely to support your issue.

Request a demonstration and see why Chiefs of Staff, LDs, and professionals on K street supplement their relationship based targeting with the Cosponsor Oracle.

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High Predictive Power

State of the art algorithms get the predictions right.

For Bills, Amendments, and Letters

Rely on the tech to find supporters for a broad swathe of documents.

For Proposed Language

Find supporters for legislation that hasn't even been introduced, and start strong out of the gate.

Federal and State

Succeed on Capitol Hill and in every state capitol.

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