In Case You Missed It – GovPredict CEO Emil Pitkin Joins Governing The Future Podcast

Emil Pitkin, founder and CEO of GovPredict, joined Hampus Jakobsson on the podcast Governing The Future for an engaging discussion on topics covering the intersection of technology, lobbying, issue advocacy, transparency, and voter behavior.

From Governing The Future:

In this episode, Hampus speaks with Emil Pitkin, founder and CEO of GovPredict and researcher at the Wharton School @ UPenn. Pitkin and Jakobsson talk about how the meat-space politics works – lobbyists, PACs, voting, and how information flows. As technologists, it is critical not to forget that it is about people caring and being engaged to get things to happen, but also to be fair. Emil and Hampus explore what can be done in these times when politics seems to be the main thing on TV.

You can listen to the podcast episode by clicking here.

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