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Your logo automatically goes on every report you generate on GovPredict.

The GovPredict platform is designed to offer your relevant, data driven reports.

Some of our clients like to see the historical earnings by specific lobby firms, and to see comparisons between firms. Other clients like downloading -- and branding -- the one-pagers about Members of Congress that come pre-loaded on the site.

All of these reports are branded with your logo, not with ours.

Our clients are our partners. If you have an upcoming presentation and need a slide prepared, put trust in our researchers and let them compile the data and the chart for you.

If you’re compiling a report on state legislative activity on tax credits, that’s downloadable too. Take advantage of GovPredict’s white labeled reports and sign up for a demo today. [sign up for demo]

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This premium service comes as part of the GovPredict platform.

Superior Quality

Our researchers have technical or academic expertise in a broad spectrum of fields.

Branded with Your Brand

We want you to take the credit, so take it!


If you have specific needs, just let our researchers know.

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