State Research & Intelligence

Research, analytics, and actionable intelligence for winning public affairs campaigns.

Track everything and stay informed

GP Research and Intelligence combines legislative monitoring, social listening, research, and legislator histories to give you unparalleled insight into the world of the states and cities.

Social media

Tweets and Facebook posts by every state legislator and governor


Accurate predictions of likely cosponsors for state bills


Recent news about state legislation

Contact information

Contact information for every state legislator

Voting records

Voting records for every state legislator

Contribution records

Contribution records to all state legislators

Gubernatorial info

Gubernatorial press releases and executive orders


Alerts when new bills are introduced in any of the 50 states

Real time updates

Real time updates on any bill that you’re following

Use cases

Here are some ways that Research & Intelligence saves you time.

Anticipate upcoming legislation

Monitor political social media chatter to learn about legislative proposals before they are introduced.

Contact one or more state legislators

Telephone and email contact information is timely and accurate.

Monitor a dozen legislative issues across the state

Create discrete, curated bill lists to keep your legislative research organized and then export them into professional documents.

Conduct intensive research on a state legislator

Marry voting records, contribution records, legislative history, and social media activity for unparalleled insight into any state legislator.

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