Lobby Corner

The LD-2 database has a lot of raw information but it’s a pain to make any sense of it.

If you want to see whom ACME lobby firm represents today, and who’s terminated them, and how much they’ve been earning over time, you just enter ACME into the GovPredict search box and the information will be prepared for you

You can track spending by clients and earnings by lobbyists. You can discover who is most active on education issues, and who has recently terminated on an environmental issue.

Our clients rely on Lobby Corner for business intelligence and business development. If you set up an alert for energy issues, you’ll know before the rest of Washington does when a client has terminated a lobbying firm on energy. You can also monitor prospective clients -- or rival firms -- to get alerts whenever they file a registration with the Senate clerk.

For our clients that have an international focus, all current FARA clients are discoverable on the platform. Find out in one click who represents Russia -- and how much they’re being paid.

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LD-2 and FARA

Makes sense of thousands of reports, and it is the only product on the market with FARA support.

Lobbyist and Client Intel

The neatly organized data makes sense of the scattered and messy LD-2 reports.

Earnings and Spending

Track the health of lobbying firms and of clients' willingness to pay.

Specific Issues

Discover coalitions lobbying on specific bills and common specific issues.

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