Legislative Monitoring: State

State legislature websites are notoriously unwieldy, and it’s not easy to keep track of them all.

GovPredict gives you a bird’s eye view of all 50 state legislatures (plus DC and Puerto Rico). So that you don’t miss a single new bill, it sends you alerts on new activity across all the states, or in a group of states that you choose. You can also follow a single bill as it makes its way through its legislature, with timely alerts to keep you apprised of the latest changes.

You might want to know if ALEC is active on an issue, or if other legislatures are concurrently pushing similar legislation to yours. That’s why GovPredict’s proprietary “bill cluster” technology was developed: to uncover for you the most similar bills across all 50 state legislatures. Talk to us to learn more about it.

Besides monitoring, GovPredict gives you the tools to influence state legislation. When you want to bring on new cosponsors to the state legislation you support, GovPredict’s State Cosponsor Oracle, having crunched through thousands of pieces of legislation, votes, and cosponsorship patterns, will predict who will most favorably respond to your advocacy.

To gauge the likelihood that the bill will pass, use GovPredict’s Batting Average section, which shows you how effective the bill’s primary sponsor is at taking bills across the finish line.

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Discover the batting average of any bill's sponsor to gauge the likelihood of the bill's passage.

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The most similar bills across all 50 states, delivered to you automatically.

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