Legislative Monitoring: Federal

Timely, accurate updates are waiting for you any time there’s action on a bill you care about. Or enter a keyword, and let GovPredict monitor any new legislation that’s dropped that’s relevant to you.

Besides these standard monitoring capabilities, GovPredict collects all the documents related to a bill that you’d find valuable. If there’s a CBO estimate, you’ll see it on the bill page. If there’s a committee report, or statement of administration policy, or an amendment or several votes, you will find them all conveniently together.

Any time there’s a scheduled markup on your bill, you’ll know before the committee sends an email blast.

For your coalition building, you can see at a glance which organizations are lobbying on your bill, who’s representing them, and how much they’re spending.

You can save time researching similar legislation by letting GovPredict’s algorithms do the work for you. We’ll show you the most similar bills that have been introduced from the last 10 years.

And if you want to email the Health LA of one of the cosponsors of your health bill, just click on the mail icon next to his or her name, and the email will be prepared.

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Timely and Accurate

We take pride in delivering insights our clients can use.

Similar Bill Discovery

Save time researching the legislative history of a bill; our text algorithms will find the most similar bills for you.

Accompanying Documents Always Available

Committee reports, CBO estimates, lobby disclosures on specific bills are at your fingertips.

Advanced Analytics

GovPredict identifies the most likely new cosponsors for any bill.

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