For a complete public affairs campaign, GovPredict helps you engage and mobilize thousands into rapid action and add another dimension to your advocacy efforts.

Build complete public affairs campaigns

Complement your research and intelligence with timely and eye-catching calls to action. Pursue legislative and regulatory channels with email and social engagement.

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Set up your campaign

The calls to action can be as broadly defined as you like. Some prefer their membership to write emails to their elected officials. Others have adopted a social media strategy. GovPredict supports this, too.

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Send out mass blasts

Our aesthetically beautiful mass blasts keep your stakeholders regularly apprised of issues that should be important to them. Users just enter their address and the message is sent to the right place.

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Measure your results

We believe that you can only grow what you can measure. That’s why every campaign is accompanied by analytics: who is opening your messages? Who is clicking on your attachments? What percentage of your targets are actually sending messages?

Hill Day App

Take control of hill day

When you’re hosting hill days, you’re responsible for dozens or hundreds of people who have never set foot inside Congress. It’s important to keep them on schedule. That’s why not only do your members see their schedules on their phones, GovPredict has developed the only app with walking directions between Hill offices.

Hill Day App
GovPredict is the only app with walking directions between Hill offices.
Generate issue scorecards

During the hill day, it’s important for your members to know where their elected representative stands on the issues. All you have to do is choose your organization’s key bills and votes, and select your position. GovPredict will automatically generate a scorecard (branded with your logo) for every elected official that your members can reference during their meetings. And as your members take notes on the meeting, in the app, that intelligence will be synchronized with your dashboard, so you don’t have to harangue them with emails for weeks to come, asking for their meeting notes.

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