Government Relations Manager

This town runs on relationships.

With GovPredict’s government CRM (GRM), you can record every meeting, every fundraiser, every valuable discussion. These meetings are shared with other members of your team, so that you can build on a collective repository of relationships.

Instantaneously, you can look up all meetings that your organization has held with a specific legislator, or on a specific bill, or with a specific staffer.

You can tag every memo with your client’s name, so that you can easily keep a record of all the work you do on their behalf.

We almost forgot! The GRM is now available on your app! Before every meeting, you can pull up every record of interaction you have with the staffer or legislator you’re about to meet with.

At GovPredict we believe that there are too many spreadsheets and too many criss crossing emails in every organization.

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We make our customers’ privacy our first priority and protect their data.


Truly, logging meetings has never been this pleasant.

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