Document Trove

Our clients save hours every week because all the documents they turn to for their research are at their fingertips.

Here is a sampling of the 2.2 million documents that GovPredict makes instantaneously searchable:

  • CRS reports (25,000 of them)
  • Press releases from all Members, Senators, and committees
  • Hearing transcripts
  • Committee reports (from 1995 until the present day)
  • The Congressional Record -- broken up by speech
  • Rules, proposed rules, and notices from the Federal Register
  • GAO reports
  • Statements of administration policy
  • Federal grants
  • Federal contracts
  • Treaties
  • US Code
  • Executive orders
  • State of the Union addresses, hearing transcripts

With the GovPredict Universal Search capability, you can simultaneously search through the 2.2 million documents in our records to find the one that will give you an edge.

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