District Intelligence

When you’re advocating for a veterans’ bill, it pays to know which Members have the most veterans in their district. When you’re working on a gambling regulation, you had better know which members have casinos in their district.

And the largest employers in every Member’s district are never more than one click away.

At GovPredict, we believe in breaking down walls between data sources. That’s why when you’re running your district intel on GovPredict, you’ll have access to actionable data points from the Census Bureau, political sources, demographic sources, and economic sources. Data that might not be obvious to collect, like the locations of all the churches in the US, or of all the mines, is at your fingertips, all the time.

The district intelligence is dynamic. If you want to find Members from the top 100 poorest districts, with at least 10% of the workforce in manufacturing, who have not yet cosponsored a workforce training bill, that will take three clicks on GovPredict to come up with your whip list.

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Economic Data

Employment information by economic sector, updated regularly.

Demographic Data

By race, age, religion, and more.

Political Data

At a glance, see how a district leans.

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