Bill Text Comparisons

GovPredict’s automatic redlining highlights the differences between companion bills, between reintroductions, and shows you what changed during markup.

The former Hill staffers and lobbyists on our team still remember slaving over House and Senate versions of the same bill and trying to find the differences.

Let the older generations say "I used to go line by line with a highlighter." We prefer leaving that to the machine.

We like our clients to take all the credit. After running a redline, you can download it as a .pdf, upload your logo directly to GovPredict, and disseminate your own branded bill comparison to the people who need to see it.

We also offer bespoke comparisons for text that’s not yet public. If you have a discussion draft or a draft amendment, we are happy to run a comparison for you.

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Before and After Markup

See what was stricken from the original version and added as an amendment.

Companion Bills

Compare House and Senate versions at a glance.


Discover additions and subtractions from one Congress to the next.

Exportable and Brandable

Easily save the comparison as a pdf, brand with your logo, and send it to your stakeholders.

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