You need to track Zika, either for your client, or your boss, or for yourself. You’re too busy to check every new Congressional bill and state bill, legislator press release, committee report, floor speech, regulation, and committee hearing.

Let GovPredict do the laborious work, monitor tens of thousands of new documents every day, and send you what matters -- while it’s happening.

It takes 10 seconds to set up a new alert, and you have complete control over what sources you want GovPredict to monitor.

If you want to get live updates, sign up for instantaneous alerts. If you’re rather not get bombarded with emails, you can opt for a daily digest.

The alerts go directly to your email, so you don’t have to log in to the site to see what’s new.

Besides keyword alerts, set up alerts on upcoming committee hearings -- and get notified before the committee sends out a notification. Set up an alert when somebody new registers to lobby on of your bills -- and be the only one in the industry with this capability.

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Fully Customizable

Your option of what kinds of documents to track, how often to receive the alerts, and more.

Full Coverage

Alerts on keywords, on committee hearings, on lobby disclosures, on bills, and much more.


Set up as many alerts as you like, as often as you like. Information is power.

First to Knowledge

Get the credit for being the first to know.

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