As advocacy has spread to grassroots, GovPredict has kept up and stayed ahead. Our mass blasts keep your stakeholders apprised of issues that should be important to them. With the calls to action you can swiftly mobilize thousands into rapid action and add another dimension to your advocacy efforts.

We believe that you can only grow what you can measure. That’s why every campaign is accompanied by analytics: who is opening your messages? Who is clicking on your attachments? What percentage of your targets are actually sending messages?

The calls to action can be as broadly defined as you like. Some of our clients prefer their membership to write emails to their elected officials. They just enter their address and the message is sent to the right place. Others have adopted a social media strategy, and prefer their membership to tweet at their politician. GovPredict’s advocacy platform supports this too. There’s no call to action to sophisticated or too arcane for this platform.

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Grassroots Campaigns

Set up calls to action for your members on issues that matter to you.

Timely Analytics

Track open rates and click rates to understand how your message is being received.

For Small and Large Organizations

We work with nonprofits and large associations alike.

Mass Blasts

The platform supports newsletters and any mass mailer.

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