When GovPredict works for you, you get the whole package. No upselling, no separate accounts for different functions, no features offered for free and then hidden behind a paywall.

You save time when all the products coexist on one platform. It means that you don’t have to turn to one place for a staffer directory, another place to track your state legislation, another to look up lobbying disclosures. It means that you can connect the dots in a town where information is hard currency.

Every feature built on GovPredict was at some point requested by a customer. Our favorite clients make heavy demands of our team of software developers, who work around the clock to build new features every week. It’s simple: if you want something built — we’ll build it.

Below are our product lines today. Request a demonstration to see them in action and hear about what we’re building next.

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Our Suite of Products

Bill Text Comparisons

Automatic redline for different bill versions.

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Legislative Monitoring: Federal

Congress, monitored in real time.

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Legislative Monitoring: State

All 50 state legislatures, monitored in real time.

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Congressional directory, updated every day.

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Cosponsor Oracle

Hub for legislative prediction and analysis.

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Donation search engine and analytics.

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Document Trove

Advanced research capabilities.

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Lobby Corner

Intelligence on clients, lobby firms, and lobbyists.

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Live updates on keywords, committee hearings, and lobbying disclosures.

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Grassroots campaign tools.

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Government Relations Manager

Intuitive meeting and client research logging.

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iPhone App

Influence, in your pocket.

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Fly-in Tools

Time savers on fly-in day.

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District Intelligence

Big data on every legislator's district, state, and counties.

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White Label Reports

GovPredict generates the report, you brand them with your logo.

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