Case Study

How GovPredict helped a young PAC take off

GovPredict works with national campaign committees, Congressional campaigns, SuperPACs, and PACs to deliver key insights from the most complete database of campaign contributions in the world that GovPredict has compiled.


A trade association with a strong reputation in Washington decided to invest resources and significantly grow their political action committee (PAC). The client turned to GovPredict because they knew they didn’t know their members’ political preferences, and did not have a strategy of effectively engaging them.


GovPredict matched the client’s member list against our database of campaign contributions that spans giving to local, state, and federal campaigns, as well as 527 and other organizations. The association was surprised to learn that their membership was trending more and more Republican over the last several cycles across all levels of government. They also learned that their members in a specific state far outspent their counterparts. Accordingly, when communicating with their membership, our client altered their message to emphasize the positive working relationship that they have developed with the Republican Congress, and invested resources in stronger ties with membership in the active state.


The PAC is on track to cross the 6 figure threshold for the first time.

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