Case Study

How GovPredict helped a global giant tackle local affairs

GovPredict works with multinational organizations who face threats at every level of government. This particular client had noticed that their ideological foes would pursue an "encirclement strategy”: they would lobby small towns in the vicinity of a large city to pass regulations harmful to our client’s interests. After a critical mass was reached, the foes would lobby the major city, pointing to its small neighbors’ adoption of the regulatory position. Our client was playing defense, with major cities across the US introducing harmful legislation as a consequence.


For this project, we relied on our TownIntel suite, which scans the agendas and minutes of thousands of cities and towns in the US. In some critical states, like California, the coverage is complete: every city with over 1,000 residents is caught by the TownIntel scanner.


We produced a report for our client, visualizing all of the geographic hot spots — that is, pockets in the US where harmful legislation was being proposed in multiple nearby cities. We caught cities in Washington with as few as 2,000 people, and cities in Massachusetts with substantially more. Our client was delivered the specific text of draft legislation, comments by concerned citizens, speeches by invited experts, and all other relevant activity that was record by the affected town councils.


Our client moved from a defensive to an offensive posture, mobilizing their local lobbying efforts to effectively fight within localities that they did not have visibility into before they started using GovPredict. To date, no new major city has enacted legislation harmful to our client’s core interest. We continue to deliver daily updates and monitor local activity with vigilance.

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