Our Mission

We want our clients to win.

That means giving you the best information, giving you proprietary information, and giving it to you first. That means bringing Silicon Valley grade technology to the business of Washington. That means taking work that takes you 2 hours and letting you do it in 5 minutes.

We’ve done it all and we’re here for you. We’re former staffers, lobbyists, fundraisers, and a few Silicon Valley whiz kids. Our phones are on 24/7. We give you a concierge, and we build new features that our clients ask us for every single week.

Leadership Team


Dr. Emil Pitkin, PhD

Founder and CEO

Emil is a stats whiz and a political junkie. He earned his BA in mathematics from Harvard and his PhD in statistics from the Wharton School, where he is an award winning faculty member. He is an alumnus of elite Silicon Valley incubator Y Combinator and has played Carnegie Hall.


Neal Kemp


Neal is one of the best Ruby on Rails developers in the world and is the former CTO of Women.com, Neal has also turbocharged growth at some of Silicon Valley’s most recognized firms. Neal is an alumnus of Y Combinator and has biked South America’s most challenging trails.


Ashton Theodore Randle

Product Lead

Ashton is a product wizard and the social glue to many Washington circles. Formerly a lobbyist, fundraiser, and staffer, the only plaudit missing from his resume — for now — is "elected official."


Dorin Gutsu

Lead Python Developer

Dorin is a genius at scraping data. If nobody can take unstructured, messy, government data, then write code to make it presentable, clean, and valuable, Dorin can. They say that he once scraped gold from the bottom of the sea.


David Ionescu

Lead Ruby Developer

David, when he is not competing in weightlifting competitions, does a lot of heavy lifting in Ruby — about 70 hours a week when he needs a rest.


Josh Pearlstein

Lead iOS Developer

Josh has not only developed a dozen apps, but he is also the instructor on iOS development at the University of Pennsylvania. He says GovPredict’s Walk the Hill app is the most challenging he’s ever built. But to Josh, impossible is nothing.

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